Marike MacDonald is a Canadian artist who draws inspiration from the stunning natural surroundings of Muskoka, the renowned region of Ontario she calls home. Her artistic vision has been formed by a deep connection to nature and her Christian faith. Marike’s landscape paintings reflect the joy she finds in playing with the shapes and colours of Muskoka’s lush forests, rugged rockfaces and glistening bodies of water.

Marike’s love for the outdoors was fostered during her childhood, growing up on 100 acres of farmland, rich with meadows, woodlands and wildlife.  As a child, she was free to roam and explore; this passion for creative discovery led her to art school. Today, she expresses herself through her plein air painting, gardening and hiking. 

Marike 3.png

As a plein air painter, Marike is inspired by the challenge of interpreting the ever-changing light and dramatic seasonal changes in Muskoka, which she has come to know intimately during her 30 years of living here.

Marike is grateful for the skills and talents she has been given to interpret the world, She believes that it is our role to honour God’s creation, entrusted to us to care for and protect.

“Nature is so wonderful,” said fellow Canadian landscape painter E.J. Hughes. “I feel that when I’m doing my painting, it is a form of worship." This sentiment resonates with Marike who is inspired by the interconnectedness of her faith, her environment and her art. When she picks up her brush, the hours pass by like minutes.