Marike MacDonald is a Canadian artist who is inspired by the challenges of the ever changing light and the seasonal changes of Muskoka and beyond. Her work is appreciated by friends, family and supporters alike as she seeks to capture the essence of the vistas around her. In doing so, her colour work is often unique.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario on a hundred acre farm with a loving family who allowed her to freely explore the meadows, woodlands and animal life.  This passion for discovery led her to art school. Today, her creative passions are painting, gardening, cooking and hiking. If she is unable to do any of these things, she is truly unhappy.

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Deeply spiritual, she is grateful to God for the skills and talents given to her to interpret the world.

She likes to quote another famous Canadian landscape artist, E. J. Hughes, “Nature is so wonderful; I feel that when I’m doing my painting, it is a form of worship."

Since art school, my artist training has included the following:

Peter John Reid - 2015

Brian Buckrell - 2018

Sheila Davis - 2018

Brian Atyeo - 2018

Mike Svob - on line course - 2019

Marike speaks: I am absolutely delighted to be able to paint on a regular basis. I have. seemingly, a never ending list of things that need to be addressed on canvas. I regret (somewhat) not becoming more active in pursuing my dream of painting earlier as I did not know then that painting would fulfill me in so many ways