Cool, Calm & Collected

Previously I wrote about our amazing trip to Killarney. While there, we decided to undertake a sailing excursion hosted by the Killarney Mountain Lodge. When we inquired, we were told that there was a confirmed sailing at 11am the next day. Sailings were confirmed only when there were at least four people signed up. We conferred briefly but we didn’t need much persuasion. We both knew that sailing up the Georgian Bay Coast would be an inspiring experience. As the advertising promised –

“Enjoy the magic of Georgian Bay during one of our morning, afternoon or sunset cruises. The Captain will ignite your imagination with captivating stories as you take in the breathtaking views of rugged terrain and ancient coastlines.”

We met the Captain and mate and the other crew members shortly before launching. Captain Mark was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ontario, but on obtaining a BA in Biology and having a brief career in that field decided to do an about-face and pursue a dream of sailing. He had the gift of gab and regaled us with stories for the entire trip. His first mate, Juliana, hailed from Brazil. Her specialty after graduating was in geology and she spent several years as an engineer before meeting and joining Mark. They were both very interesting people!

While sailing (we had to motorsail most of the way because of lack of wind), we passed several islands, all of which were blanketed in white pine and spruce and other evergreen tree species and ringed with the gorgeous pink rock that Killarney is known for.

The highlight of our trip was at the turnaround point. We were told to look up at a magnificent rock structure that resembled an Indian Chief. This rock structure overlooked a beautiful cove surrounded by more high pink cliffs. Sailboats and other small vessels had harbored there in this natural protected cove and were dotted in the green-blue water. What a wonderful picture and promotion for the joys of sailing!

Heading back to the town of Killarney was another adventure. A breeze came up and Mark and Juliana raised the sails allowing us a few moments of feeling the boat move under the power of the wind. But alas, the wind was too variable and it became too difficult to set sail and continue that way. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that we were all refreshed by the views, the wind, and the flapping of the sails.

This large painting is a result of our sailing trip. I was struck by the way the light reflected off the unusual pink rock into the calm bay waters. The air and water is so clean and clear all of which affects the way the light hits the rock, trees and water.

Above all, I hope that this painting (and my story) motivate you to explore some of our awesome country this summer! You won’t regret it!

Cool, Calm and Collected

Size 40”W x 30”

Available at Cedar Creek Gallery - 2805 Hwy 60, Dwight, Ontario 705-970-7878