Be Still and Know...

A couple of weeks ago, I spent 3 or 4 days on a painting expedition with my friend and painting companion, Roxanne Driedger. Our destination was Killarney, Ontario, Canada. We had perr-fect weather for the entire time. It was both of our opinions that the journey is as important as the destination so we took our time both in getting there and in coming back.


If you’ve never been to Killarney and Killarney Provincial Park, I highly recommend it. The natural beauty of the rolling hills with the white cliffs of the La Cloche Mountains in the background is breathtaking. Lakes are a dime a dozen, with sparkling clear water and surrounded by pink and white cliffs and rocks. Although we didn’t see wildlife (except a porcupine!) this time, bear and deer are plentiful here.

On our way back home, Roxanne felt it necessary to take me for a quick tour of Grundy Provincial Park. I was glad she did. It is situated just south of the French River and a little jog off of Highway 169 onto Highway 522. If you go past the Grundy Lake Supply Post, you’ve gone too far!

This painting scene was the first place that we stopped in that park. It was a hot summer evening and the air refused to move. We marvelled at the stillness of this place. This creek came out of the dark and wild place of endless forest but had surrendered itself to utter calmness. All of features of the surrounding grasses and forest and sky were mirrored in that liquid pool. The coolness of the forest and the lingering heat of the day intermingled for that perfect summer experience. A Bible verse came to mind that evening – Be still and know that I am God – Psalms 46:10a. It was a spiritual moment.

Each day, I feel so blessed to live in this country. Here is a poem that expresses how I feel right now in this stage of my life.

SLT – a poem by TR Takoda

I’m in love. 
With the blue water
Crisp air
Pale skies
I’m in love with the mountains
and the rivers
and the creeks

I’m in love with a life that I never dreamed I’d be allowed to live

I’m in love with