Golden Hour

t’s February – a time when a lot of friends disappear to warmer climes to escape the doldrums of winter. I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to wish the same from time to time. I love the winter but I long for somewhere new… somewhere fresh… somewhere away form the everyday humdrum existence.

But I heard something on CBC today that put it all into perspective. If you would like to have a listen, here it is:

Her name is Kate Bowler. Her book is “Everything Happens for A Reason and other Lies I’ve Loved”

A couple of quotes from her talk:

“I mostly try to think about the day – like what in the course of the day – is brave and big and also small and snuggly.”

“My life is already full of beautiful things and to just not to take things for granted”

Not hard to take that to heart. I needed that talk.